Discover Affordable and Reliable Driving Schools in Scarborough with Ease

Embarking on the journey to find a driving instructor in Scarborough can be a daunting task, especially when cost is a crucial factor. Drawing from my personal experiences, I understand the importance of affordability in this pursuit.

To find a complete list click me `Search` or on the top menu bar `Search` where you can find the closest driving school from your home. Below is a list of 20 driving instructors in Scarborough:

School NamePhone NumberAddress
BTG Driving School647-229-349642 Orchard Park Drive, Scarborough, Ontario M1E 3T7
General Driving School416-297-74844168 Finch Avenue East, Suite 336, Scarborough, Ontario M1S 5H6
Popular Driving School416-299-68802347 Kennedy Road Floor 109, Scarborough, Ontario M1T 3T8
A+ Driving School416-889-8600880 Ellesmere Road, Unit N203A, Scarborough, Ontario M1P 2W6
Crown Driving Academy416-298-7100868 Markham Road, Unit 109, Scarborough, Ontario M1H 2Y2
A-One Driving School647-808-42844 Ellie Drive, Scarborough, Ontario M1G 2G9
Safe Drive Ontario705-808-40871225 Kennedy Road, Suite 2000, Scarborough, Ontario M1P 4Y1
Zoom Driving Academy647-770-26364205 Lawrence Ave East, Unit 418, Scarborough, Ontario M1E 4S6
MiDrive Training Institute416-876-66664168 Finch Avenue East, Unit G70, Scarborough, Ontario M1S 5H6
Expert Drivers School416-750-38112400 Midland Avenue, Unit 202, Scarborough, Ontario M1S 5C1
Kingsway Driving School416-298-18384168 Finch Avenue East, Unit 318, Scarborough, Ontario M1S 5H6
Super Driving School416-856-00845 Brockley Drive, Unit 214, Scarborough, Ontario M1P 3J2
Kingsway Driving School416-491-42122914 Sheppard Avenue East, Unit 204 A, Scarborough, Ontario M1T 3J4
Inspiration Driving Institute416-878-88663430 Finch Avenue East, Suite 103, Scarborough, Ontario M1W 2R5
G.T.A. Driving School416-298-12034002 Sheppard Avenue East, Suite 402, Scarborough, Ontario M1S 1S6
G2-G Ottawa Drive613-851-6040156 Harewood Ave, Scarborough, Ontario M1M 2R9
Ambitious Driver’s416-293-65003252 Lawrence Avenue East, Scarborough, Ontario M1H 1A4
Plus You Driving School416-700-12384155 Sheppard Avenue East, Suite LL4, Scarborough, Ontario M1S 1T4
All Women Drivers647-821-54451580 Sandhurst Cir 1210, Scarborough, Ontario M1V 2L3
Kingston Driving Academy416-916-50003489 Kingston Road Unit 207, Scarborough, Ontario M1M 1R4

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